Sl. No. Tender No. Item/Nature of Work Tender Enq. Mode Tender Publication Dt. Type of Bidding Last Dt. of Tender Receipt No. of tenders received No. & Names of Qualified Parties No. & Names of Disqualified Parties Awarded to Lowest / Evaluated L1 bidder Contract No. & Date Name of Contractor Contract Value (Rs.) Scheduled Completion Date Contract Document Actual Start Date Actual Completion Date Reason for delay (if any)
1 ECL/SLN/E-Tender/19-20/08 Fabrication and installation of portable steel framed Pit Office including base construction at G. Begunia Colliery under Salanpur Area. E-Tender 23-May-2019 Two Bid 12-Jun-2019 2 2 & Techno struct engineers and Karmakar Engineering Works Nil Lowest Tenderer ECL/SLN/GM/AE(C)/19-20/W.O./44, Dt. 11-Dec-2019 Techno struct engineers 1374826.00 06-Mar-2020   07-Jan-2020 06-Mar-2020 NO DELAY YET
2 GM/JNR/ClVlL/e-tender/19-20/222 Construction of moorum road along the southern boundary of mine i.e. Fault F9 in lieu of existing moorum road from Laudoha village to Jamgora village, under JPC. e-Tender 21-Nov-2019 Single 03-Dec-2019 4 4, CITY CONSTRUCTION CORP, RELIANCE ENTERPRISES, BHARAT TRADING CO & RANIGANJ CONSTRUCTION 0 Lowest Tenderer GM/JNR/CIVIL/2019-20/1052, Dt. 01-Jan-2020 CITY CONSTRUCTION CORP 1762056.00 08-Jun-2020   10-Jan-2020 08-Jun-2020 No delay
3 ECL/HQ/CMC/e-Tender/Jambad OC Patch/180 Hiring of HEMM for Removal & Transportation of 40 L.Cum of OB of Jambad OC Patch of Kajora Area Open Tender with Reverse Auction 13-Apr-2019 Single 09-May-2019 3 As per present evaluation process in e-procurement guideline no. of eligible bidders is 01 (One) as documents submitted by L2 & subsequent bidders are not evaluated. No. of Qualified bidders : 01 (One) Name : MMB-PMIW (JV) No of disqualified bidders : 02 (Two) Name : 1. SRG Earth Resources Private Limited 2. Coal Mines Associated Traders Private Limited Lowest Tenderer ECL/HQ/CMC/W.O/Jambad OC Patch /347, Dt. 10-Jul-2019 M/s MMB-PMIW (JV) 27.00 21-Oct-2020   22-Jul-2019 NA Work is in progress and as per schedule.
4 ECL/ HQ/GM(C)/e-Tender/18-19/195 Date: 26.02.2019 Annual Maintenance of Sanctoria Hospital for ' as and when required basis job' for a period of one year. e-Tender 04-Mar-2019 Two Bid 23-Mar-2019 3 1. NEPAL CHANDRA MONDAL 2. ASIM KUMAR BISTOO 3. SOUMEN ACHERJEE NIL Lowest Tenderer ECL/HQ/GM(C)/W.O./19-20/e-Tender/ 29/239/503 Date: 03.07.2019, Dt. 05-May-2019 NEPAL CHANDRA MONDAL 1265617.00 21-Jul-2020   22-Jul-2019 21-Jul-2020 Not Applicable
5 ECL/HQ/CMC/e-Tender/Khottadih OC Patch/198 Hiring of HEMM for removal of 75.29 L.Cum top OB and removal of 10.92 L.Cum parting OB between R-VI & R-V seam at Khottadih OC Patch of Pandaveswar Area Open Tender with Reverse Auction 25-Apr-2019 Single 27-May-2019 3 No. of parties qualified - 01 (One) Name : M/s. BHUWNESHWAR PATHAK CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD AND ESSAL INFRASTRUCTURE PVT LTD (JV) No. of parties disqualified - 02 (Two) Name : 1. SRG Earth Resources Private Limited 2. PMIW-VT-TD (JV) Lowest Tenderer ECL/HQ/CMC/W.O/Khottadih OC Patch /509, Dt. 18-Sep-2019 M/s. BHUWNESHWAR PATHAK CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD AND ESSAL INFRASTRUCTURE PVT LTD (JV) 44.00 28-Jan-2022   28-Sep-2019 NA Work is in progress and as per schedule.
6 GM/JNR/ClVlL/e-tender/19-20/211 Construction of 13 nos. guard wall for sump and diversion of water at 31, 32, 33 Dip in between 22L to 28L of MIC under JPC. e-Tender 06-Nov-2019 Single 25-Nov-2019 3 3, N.K. ENTERPRISE, K.R. ENTERPRISE, F.R. ENTERPRISE 0 Lowest Tenderer GM/JNR/CIVIL/2019-20/1102, Dt. 16-Jan-2020 N.K. ENTERPRISE 1827862.00 24-May-2020   25-Jan-2020 24-May-2020 No delay yet
7 GM/JNR/ClVlL/e-tender/19-20/133 Construction of 5 Nos. Isolation stoppings at 50 WL and 51 WL in between 17D and 0D and 52 WL, 53WL, 54WL in between 17D and 1D at 3 & 4 Incline of R-VII A seam under JPC. e-Tender 20-Aug-2019 Single 07-Sep-2019 3 3, SWAMIJI CONSTRUCTION GHOSH CONSTRUCTION SADHU CONSTRUCTION 0 Lowest Tenderer GM/JNR/CIVIL/2019-20/1054, Dt. 01-Jan-2020 SADHU CONSTRUCTION 927784.00 09-Feb-2020   10-Jan-2020 09-Feb-2020 Completed
8 GM/JNR/ClVlL/e-tender/19-20/162 Annual Maintenance of RAilway Track at POCP - II Railway Siding under Jhanjra Area e-Tender 19-Sep-2019 Single 16-Oct-2019 3 3, RAJIB KUMAR SINGH. JAY GURU CONSTRUCTION. CITY CONSTRUCTION CORP. 0 Lowest Tenderer GM/JNR/CIVIL/2019-20/1083, Dt. 08-Jan-2020 CITY CONSTRUCTION CORP 950975.00 16-Jan-2021   17-Jan-2020 16-Jan-2021 No delay yet
9 GM/JNR/ClVlL/e-tender/19-20/193 Thorough overhauling of 0.66 MGD Rapid Gravity Sand Filter (RGSF) plant at Jhanjra Colony under Jhanjra Area, ECL e-Tender 21-Oct-2019 Single 16-Nov-2019 4 4, HYDRAPURE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED RELIANCE ENTERPRISE MULTITEX ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES EFFLUENT AND WATERTREATMENT ENGINEERS PVT. LTD 0 Lowest Tenderer GM/JNR/CIVIL/2019-20/1084, Dt. 08-Jan-2020 HYDRAPURE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED 3506755.00 02-Apr-2020   03-Jan-2020 02-Apr-2020 Delayed due to COVID - 19 Pandemic
10 GM/JNR/ClVlL/e-tender/19-20/194 Repairing of RCC overhead tanks under water supply at Jhanjra Area, ECL. e-Tender 21-Oct-2019 Single 09-Nov-2019 3 3, SWAMIJI CONSTRUCTION R.P. CONSTRUCTION DUTTA ENTERPRISE 0 Lowest Tenderer GM/JNR/CIVIL/2019-20/1053, Dt. 01-Jan-2020 SWAMIJI CONSTRUCTION 1445991.00 01-Apr-2020   02-Jan-2020 01-Apr-2020 Completed

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